Overview of Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs are designed to help individuals achieve significant and sustainable weight loss through comprehensive approaches tailored to their unique needs. The weight loss program at Horizon Wellness Clinic employs an integrative approach that addresses the underlying causes of being overweight.

We provide cutting-edge therapies, advanced testing, nutrition plans, fitness guidance, and ongoing support. Our goal is not just short-term weight reduction but a lifelong transformation towards optimal wellness.

Why Choose Horizon Wellness Clinic

What sets Horizon Wellness Clinic apart from other medical weight loss programs is our use of innovative hormone treatments. We recognize that imbalances in hormones like insulin, cortisol, thyroid, growth hormone, and sex hormones often sabotage weight loss efforts.

By correcting these imbalances through injections, supplements, and weight loss medications, patients achieve faster and longer-lasting results. Our programs also accept insurance coverage to make treatment affordable.

Our 5-Step Process

  1. Initial consultation and testing to uncover root causes
  2. Custom treatment plan with hormones, supplements, medications if needed
  3. One-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching
  4. Ongoing progress monitoring and plan adjustments
  5. Maintenance phase to sustain optimal wellness long-term

Over the following sections, we will explore key aspects of our weight loss program in more detail. Discover how our multi-faceted, science-backed approach leads to life-changing transformations.

Diagnosing Weight Loss Obstacles

The first step in our weight loss program is pinpointing what is preventing you from slimming down. We conduct cutting-edge tests to uncover hormonal imbalances, metabolic dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, toxin exposures, stress levels, and other barriers to shedding pounds.

Common Culprits

Here are some of the most frequent biological factors that sabotage weight loss efforts:

  • Insulin resistance - Cells become less responsive to insulin, causing excess glucose and fat storage
  • Leptin and ghrelin dysfunction - These hunger/satiety hormones stimulate overeating
  • Thyroid disorders - An underactive thyroid slows metabolism to conserve energy
  • Cortisol abnormalities - Higher cortisol increases belly fat and sugar cravings
  • Estrogen dominance - Excess estrogen in women enhances fat accumulation
  • Low testosterone in men - Testosterone helps build calorie-burning muscle

Uncovering whether any of these issues apply to you guides the design of your custom weight loss treatment plan.

Our Diagnostic Arsenal

Tests we utilize for weight loss assessments include:

  • Blood tests: comprehensive panels checking hormone levels, blood sugar regulation, biomarkers of inflammation, nutrient status, organ health, and possible food sensitivities
  • Genetic testing: identifies how your DNA influences risk for obesity, nutrition needs, detoxification issues
  • Microbiome analysis: examines the bacterial balance in your gut, which impacts weight significantly
  • Body composition testing: precisely measures changes in fat mass versus lean mass
  • VO2 max testing: evaluates cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Sleep studies: poor sleep is linked with greater hunger and cravings

We leave no stone unturned when searching for personalized solutions tailored to your unique biology.

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Customizing Your Weight Loss Treatments

Armed with a deeper understanding of your personal obstacles to shedding fat, we design an integrated treatment plan utilizing the most advanced solutions available.

Hormone Optimization

Balancing key hormones provides a powerful catalyst for weight loss. Depending on your needs, we may prescribe:

  • Metformin and/or Semaglutide: makes cells more sensitive to insulin, regulating blood sugar and lowering insulin levels that drive fat accumulation
  • Thyroid hormone: boosts metabolic rate and cellular energy production
  • Bioidentical testosterone: builds lean muscle mass raising daily calorie requirements in men
  • Cortisol-lowering supplements: reduces belly fat storage and sugar cravings

Nutritional Strategies

Under guidance from our nutrition experts, diet modifications that enhance weight loss include:

  • Low-glycemic eating: minimizes spikes in blood sugar to lower insulin stimulation of fat growth
  • Ketogenic dieting: shifts the body towards burning fat rather than glucose as its primary fuel
  • Intermittent fasting: gives digestion a rest, allowing accelerated fat breakdown
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition: lowers levels of hormones and cytokines that enhance fat deposition and prevents lean tissue loss
  • Gut healing protocols: restores microbial balance and optimizes nutrient absorption

We provide personalized meal plans, access to recipes/cookbooks, and even deliver healthy, chef-prepared meals tailored to your needs.

Innovative Weight Loss Medications

Along with hormone optimization, certain medications can amplify and accelerate fat reduction. Our clinic offers:

  • Semaglutide (Ozempic®): new GLP-1 drug that suppresses appetite and fosters weight loss
  • Liraglutide (Victoza®): similar hunger-blocking, metabolism-boosting effects as semaglutide
  • Phentermine: suppresses appetite through catecholamine release
  • Orlistat: minimizes intestinal fat absorption to lower caloric intake

These powerful therapies help patients overcome the hunger, cravings, and plateaus that often sabotage diet and exercise efforts. We carefully monitor patients on such medications for optimal safety.

Additional Support for Lasting Success

Lifestyle interventions and ongoing support are also integral in our weight loss program for reinforcing new healthy patterns.

Fitness Programming

- HIIT training: short, high-intensity interval workouts burn more calories by elevating metabolism - Resistance training: builds calorie-burning lean muscle essential for raising basal metabolic rate - Our trainers create customized programs based on your needs and abilities, providing equipment guidance and coaching for proper form/injury prevention.

Behavior Modification

- Stress management through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, etc. to minimize cortisol and emotional eating - Sleep optimization: ensures adequate restorative rest to control appetite/cravings and support fat-burning hormones - Accountability tracking: food logging, weekly weigh-ins and body composition testing keeps patients on track - Goal setting: celebrating small milestones breeds motivation to persist towards larger achievements

Ongoing Support

- Monthly visits for testing, progress reviews, and treatment adjustments prevent plateaus - Access to our nutritionists and trainers outside office visits - Community of past graduates who act as mentors - Lifetime maintenance guidance even after reaching goal weight

With multi-faceted assistance on all aspects of the weight loss journey, our patients transform their health, bodies, and lives with long-lasting success.

Spotlight on Innovative Hormone Therapies

As leaders in anti-aging and hormone-based medicine, our weight loss program offers therapies not provided elsewhere that can prove game-changing.

Peptide Hormones

Injectable peptide bio-regulators influence fat burning, muscle building, injury healing, strength/endurance, mood/motivation, and more. Our clinic provides:

  • CJC-1295 Ipamorelin stimulates natural growth hormone production for more lean tissue and enhanced fat metabolism
  • AOD 9604 aids weight loss by inhibiting fat production and storage
  • BPC-157 heals GI tissues, lowering inflammation that drives obesity
  • Thymosin Beta-4 accelerates muscle repair/development for more calorie-burning lean mass


Sourced from umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells, these extracellular vesicles prompt regeneration and rejuvenation. Exosome therapy:

  • Increases insulin sensitivity - lowers elevated insulin levels promoting weight gain
  • Decreases inflammation – a key driver of leptin resistance and obesity
  • Regenerates glandular tissue – restoring optimal hormone output

As the future of regenerative medicine, exosome treatments unlock revolutionary potential for lasting wellness.

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Horizon Wellness Clinic Advantage

What truly sets Horizon Wellness Clinic apart as leaders in the weight loss space is our integrative, personalized, science-based approach combining the latest advancements with genuine compassion.

Cutting-Edge Protocols

We continuously upgrade our programs with new diagnostic tests, innovative medications/hormones, gut microbiome analyses, nutrigenetic testing, and emerging technologies as the scientific discoveries in obesity evolve.

Premier Results

Our unmatched medical expertise and clinical success rates attract patients from across the country seeking profound transformation after failing with traditional weight loss methods.

Over 90% of our clients accomplish their ideal body compositions with average sustained weight loss exceeding 50-60 lbs.

Custom Tailoring

No two people's underlying reasons for weight gain are identical, so we craft fully individualized plans based on the in-depth testing provided here rather than a simplistic, one-size-fits all approach offered elsewhere.

Genuine Care

With utmost compassion and commitment to service, our staff treats each person with dignity, respect, and sincere interest in their life circumstances and wellness vision.

We forge true partnerships with patients, personally investing in their health restoration journeys not just for rapid results but lifelong optimization.


If you have struggled losing weight despite diet and exercise efforts, our cutting-edge weight loss program can provide the breakthrough solutions you need. With advanced hormone balancing, potent medical therapies, personalized guidance and support, over 90% of our patients finally achieve their ideal physiques and health goals after years of frustration.

Contact Horizon Wellness Clinic today for a consultation to discover your weight loss answers through our integrative, scientifically-proven programs!

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